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Specialty Classes

OQB strives to offer a variety of classes along with the newest tips and techniques.  We offer lots of classes that range from very introductory level to advanced, and everything in between that includes quilting, garment sewing, bags and much more.   
If you have a class you'd like us to offer/teach, please let us know.   

Class & Event Calendar

Beg / On-Going Quilt w/ Janet Monday - MAY (10:00-1:00) ($65.00)

This is a beginning / on-going quilt class for all levels ranging from introductory to very advanced. Janet will work with you in completing your projects as you continue to develop your quilting skills. Beginners will learn accurate rotary cutting, precise piecing and assembling your blocks, borders and binding to finish a wonderful quilt you will be proud of. Three class meetings most months.

Beg/On-going Quilt w/ Nancy Monday MAY 2020 (1:30 - 5:00)

This is a beginning and on-going quilting class providing the opportunity to start from an introductory level of learning to quilt and / or continue to develop your quilting skills with an experienced instructor. Once you've learned the basics, Janet will allow you to choose your own projects and she will guide you through them with lots of fun, laughter and good instruction. Four sessions of three hours each.

Working with Wool Monday PM(6:00-8:00) ($15)

Have you caught the "wool bug" yet? Tiny Bender is OQB's wool expert that is full of creative ideas. She will share her passion of working with wool. You will learn how to trace, cut, secure wool to cotton, wool or other fabrics AND she will teach you some really beautiful stitches to enhance your wool projects. You will have the option of choosing your own project or working on one of Tiny's latest projects. OQB has a wonderful selection of wool, kits and threads to choose from. Wool projects are very portable and can be taken anywhere to work on even if for just a few minutes here or there.

May 17
Sewing Class - Monday PM
May 18
Beg/On-going Quilt w / Janet Tuesday, MAY (10:00-1:00) ($65.00)
May 18
Beg/On-going Quilt w / Janet Tuesday, MAY 2021 (2:00-4:30) ($55.00)

Class Registration

OQB has a fabulous staff of teachers ready, willing and very qualified to provide instruction for all levels of quilters and sewers.  To help ensure the class you want to take is a "go", please sign-up early.  Waiting until the last few days before a class is to start risks cancellation and disappointment to both the teachers and students.  By registering early you will ensure your class of choice is a "go", have time to gather supplies and do pre-class work if necessary.  Teachers are notified of class cancellation 3 days prior to the class date.
As a reminder, class fees are fully refundable if class is cancelled by OQB if teachers "minimum attendance" is not met.

Let us know of classes you want

We are always on the look-out for new techniques, classes, instructors and truly want our fabulous classroom filled with students every hour OQB is open.



Contact guild for information.

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